Rokugan Files

Below are a list of HTML files I've compiled for my AQ campaign world of Rokugan. Take and read whatever you'd like and let me know what you think. I suggest you read them in the order I have listed, it makes more sense that way.

General Information

Culture: WARNING: very long and really on required to read if you plan on running a game there.
GM Notes
A Map!!: Poor quality scan


In the Beginning...
The Black Scrolls
The Prophecy
The Scorpion Coup
Age of the Clan Wars

The Great Clans

The Crab
The Crane
The Dragon
The Lion
The Phoenix
The Scorpion
The Unicorn
The House of Hantei
The Minions of Fu Leng

I do want to here any questions or comments you might have, so contact me at Justin Gaskins. Thank you.